Wednesday, July 30, 2003

If it's Wednesday, this must be....Dublin?

Whew.........I've been in Ireland since Saturday with no Internet access to speak of, and so much to tell....

In two days, I'll be home. That's just weird to say, after being gone since May 23rd. It's been a long, fun, educational, and interesting trip. I've seen the beginning of the Tour de France (yea Lance!), the British Open (though in the UK it's just "The Open), and most fun of all, driven a left-hand-drive car around Ireland. Six Hundred miles of driving in five days. In a stick shift (or straight drive, if y'all is a Southerner), which I don't normally drive at home, and haven't driven for any length of time since 1987. Not bad.

Of course, I did have to put up with my traveling companion, who was very helpful at navigating, and of no help with stimulating conversation. Our discussions mostly centered around school - classes, Moot Court and who got in (he did, I have yet to hear and probably did not), class rank, on-campus interviewing (or OCI - and why he should participate, and how those who don't are basically out of luck - just what I wanted to hear after quitting a perfectly good job). What didn't center around school revolved mostly around his adventures, which I find mostly hard to believe. The funniest part occured in Wexford yesterday. Earlier in the week, he'd turned up the radio, saying "this is a good song." Of course, it was a song played over and over and over, and every time, they announced the artist - Beyonce's Crazy in Love. So yesterday, we walked into a music store in Wexford, and what did I see, but Beyonce's new CD. So I showed it to him, and what does he say?

"What's that?"
"Beyonce's new CD."
"The song you like."
"What song?"
"Crazy in love."
"What song is that?"
"Never mind."

The most interesting non-school/self related conversation we had dealt with the women on TV we thought were hot, which was prompted by an episode of Friends. Predictibly, he picked Jennifer Aniston, Courtney Cox and Lisa Kudrow in that order, then told me the hottest woman on Ally McBeal was Lucy Liu. He was shocked when I picked Lisa Kudrow over Jennifer, and said Lucy was only fifth hottest (after Portia di Rossi, Jane Krakowski, Calista Flockhart and Courtney Thorne-Smith). I tried to cover other shows, but.... he didn't know them. Oh well.

More when I get back to the US.....