Saturday, March 08, 2003

The comments are back!!!!!

I made them a little more law-related, since this is, technically, a law (school)-related blog.....not that everyone is going to rush to comment, but there you go.

The weather this morning was nice: in the 40's, sunny. Then the rain came. And now it's snowing. What a beautiful day. At least I didn't care - I was stuck inside doing taxes all day. Tonight, I'll head home, cook some dinner, and attempt to reclaim my life a bit. The bathroom is woefully in need of cleaning, as is the rest of the apartment; the checkbook needs to be balanced, and I just need some downtime before I start working on the trial-level brief. Doesn't that sound exciting? Weren't you glad you dropped in here to read that?
What is going on with my blog??????

I noticed last night that I'd lost my comments. At first, I thought it was a temporary glitch, or maybe they'd been taken down for maintenance. But now, I'm beginning to wonder what, exactly is going on..............

I need to work on this, but right now, I have tax clients to work on. So bear with me on this. In the meantime, feel free to email your comments to me at, and I'll add them to the comments when I figure out how to recover them...

Friday, March 07, 2003

A letter to the President:

Dear Mr. Bush:

I thought I'd post a letter here, because let's face it - you'd never read it anyway if I did mail it to the White House. Instead, I'd get some crappy card thanking me for my interest in the US Government or something. But I digress.

I wonder if, during your dating years, you ever had a friend who dated someone totally wrong for them. You know, the kind of person you told your friend to break up with, but they were so in love, they couldn't. And when it all went to hell (as it always does), and they told you that you were right all along, you bought them a beer and commiserated with them, and talked about how others can see things in a relationship that you can't.

Well, you're that person now. The one dating the lousy person. Only it isn't a dating relationship, it's Iraq. The fact that almost every other country in the world refuses to back you up should give you pause. But it doesn't, because you're too headstrong, and too in love with the idea of finishing what your father started. Sure, Bill Clinton was scum. But right now, Saddam wouldn't have a friend in the world if Clinton were running this thing.

Don't get me wrong; I think Saddam is a big scumbag. But so is North Korea's Kim. And that's the funny thing. You talk tough about Saddam, but that's like being a kid who claims he can beat up the class geek, while the bully shouts threats at him. Saddam has screwed over the people of Iraq. He's poisoned them, shot them and raped them. He needs to go. But not like this.

Perhaps you should have studied abroad, as Clinton did. Then you'd realize how much damage you're doing by continuing down the path you have us on. You'd realize that two hundred years of diplomacy is about to go out the window to satisfy your ego. And normally, I wouldn't care. But what you're doing will reflect upon me. I will pay the price of your actions, because I am an American. I will be the one who gets blown up on a plane, or in a club, or shot by some kidnapper, because of your decisions. You will give the orders, but others will drop the bombs, and give their lives, in the name of "freedom", and "democracy". But what you offer isn't freedom, or democracy. You can't because you can't control the citizens of other countries. You can't guarantee what works (for the most part) here will work there. You don't recognize that this country has its share of problems, which we shouldn't wish upon the world.

But you're too wrapped up in conquest to see that under the veneer, the wood is rotten. This country needs to be fixed. The people here need food, work and shelter. That's what they want. They see no benefit to them by sending their hard earned tax dollars to fix some other country, provide food and shelter to people thousands of miles away who will have no qualms about charging us exorbitant amounts of money for gasoline, while people here have such glaring needs.

What we need to do right now is to step back. Find out why no one wishes to support us. Are they too afraid of losing precious contracts? Fine. Leave Saddam alone. Let them pay the price for inaction. Why do we always need to ride to the rescue? We do it so often, no one appreciates it anymore. They just figure we'll fix it, and they won't have to do anything. Well, I'm tired of being taken advantage of. Let France play cop for a while. After all, they've shown how well they can defend themselves, right? They know everything, so let them deal with explaining how they were so smart for doing nothing. Let Chirac be the modern-day Chamberlin, waving the piece of paper in front of the plane, and claiming "peace in our time" while spouting the benefits of appeasement.We'll still have to ride to the rescue, but at least it will be willing partners, not as a bully.

For your sake, and mine, I hope this all goes the way you want to. Otherwise, I'm voting for the other guy in 2004.

Wednesday, March 05, 2003

Man do I wish I was further along in law school. Then I could be this guy's attorney. If this isn't a juicy Con Law case, I don't know what is. But then, since Con Law isn't until next spring, I could be wrong.....

I don't know about you, but I'm wondering how many people protested today because they actually believed that we should not go to war against Iraq, and how many viewed it as a good excuse to blow off class.

This story is interesting. On the one hand, it's disturbing, because children and women could be endangered. On the other hand, how many people check the sex criminal registry to see if one lives by them. True story - an aquaintance of mine was arrested for molesting a 13-year-old boy. He pled guilty, and got probation. No one who knew him knew - only his ex-wife knew. So how did we find out? A bartender ex of his spilled the beans. And like a match to gasoline, it flew around to everyone (courtesy of my roommate, who couldn't keep a secret if his life depended on it). Never heard from the guy again. But then, given the way he acted toward us the last time we saw him, I'm not saddened.

Tonight was the curriculum planning seminar. It was interesting, to say the least. And it's given me more reason to consider the switch to full-time. But that's a big I'll have to toss it around for a bit.

Tuesday, March 04, 2003

What is it about bad weather that changes people's driving habits? Drop three consecutive snowflakes, and all hell breaks loose.

First you get those who insist on driving 70, even if there are eight inches of snow on the ground. At the other end of the spectrum are those who suddenly have to drive 5 miles an hour. These two types DO NOT mix, so the drive home tonight, through heavy snow, was quite interesting. Amazingly, I only passed two accidents, both one-car. Almost saw one, but the fishtailing Caprice was able to get traction and save the car. His lesson learned, he then proceeded to.........speed up.

It feels good to turn in the Research Memo. I feel like I have one huge burden off my back. But another looms - the Contracts mid-term. I have forty-eight hours to catch up. I don't think it's going to happen. Life goes on.

Tomorrow is the big day - the curriculum planning seminar. I'm hoping it'll help me decide if I should switch to full-time or hang in there as part-time.

On the plus side, today was Mardi Gras. But to those of us who are of Polish decent (I'm half Polish), it's even better - it's Paczki day! It's pronounced 'pone-chkey", though you'll be forgiven if you say it 'poonch-key'. Either way, it's a once-a-year treat, and I have three sitting in my fridge - one each of strawberry (yum), prune (yum) and poppyseed (double yum). My other Polish co-worker, Tom brought in a dozen or so, which raised everyone's spirits, and reminded me of the reception my father got at Electro-Motive when he came in with the Paczki.

So to all my Polish friends - happy Paczki day! And Megan promised Soda Bread in Legal Writing in two weeks, so that's something to look forward to.....

Monday, March 03, 2003

I've been so busy between both jobs and class this semester, that I've fallen behind. So next week's spring break is perfectly timed. The intent is to use the time to work on my trial-level brief. Hopefully, I'll be able to accomplish that. But I'm digressing from the point I wanted to make.

Falling behind means that I sit in every Contracts class, dreading being called on. Now, I think I have some level of security here, because my last name is so difficult to pronounce, and Professor Contracts is quite the formal one - Miss Johnson, Mr Smith, not Jenny and Bill, like Professor Sex, uh, Torts. Every time I've volunteered in class it's been "yes? (while pointing to me)","in the back", or something similar. Never by my name. Then there's been the near misses - Tim on my left got tapped last week, Beth on my right got it tonight, and Michelle and Bridget in front of me have both been called on. But not me.Yet.

I think being called on when unprepared is the biggest fear of any law student. Most of my classmates will probably tell you that it's their biggest fear, followed closely by looking foolish. I know there's been times when people haven't been prepared and gotten called on - they stammer, and usually get bailed out by one of the Springbutt Bingo stars - the five or six people who dominate class by constantly raising their hand and getting called on. But last Thursday was a first. Someone actually took a pass. I figured it would be me and my big mouth who'd be the first to pass, but it was this girl near the front, who I've never heard speak in any class. I think it took Professor Contracts by surprise - but she recovered quickly. And guess who got called on tonight? This time, she was prepared. I think. I'm not sure since her voice was so soft, I could barely hear her. Which is a problem in class. I sit in the back, near one of the few outlets in the room (since I have a laptop, which at this moment is living up to its name), and most of the soft-voiced people sit in front, facing away from me. So when they speak, it's like listening to Charlie Brown's teacher - wah, wah, wahwah wah. Or in some cases, blah blah blah blah.......

The next three days are going to be interesting. The Legal Writing Paper tomorrow (I think my instructor saw it, at least - I got an email from her today, though not about the paper), then Curriculum planning on Wednesday, followed by the Contracts mid-term on Thursday, followed by full collapse on Friday. I'm no way prepared for this mid-term; I'm too far behind. One other frustration is that I haven't been able to attend any review sessions - they've all been on Saturday, when I have to work. So I have absolutely no idea what to expect.

On a side note, we have 3 Chicago cops in class. I wanted to ask them what they thought of what happened today, but didn't get to. It seems two 14th district cops stopped a guy for speeding, then arrested them when they learned he didn't have a license and shouldn't be driving in the first place. Somehow, they were outside the car when the perp pulled a Houdini; he managed to get his hands from behind his back, climb into the front seat, and drive off. They recovered the car about a mile later, but he was long gone - and still handcuffed. Methinks the officers have a lot of questions to answer...

Oh well, day 2 of close tomorrow. More fun at work....

Sunday, March 02, 2003

I hate colds. I feel like crap, and have loads of reading ahead of me. But at least I think I finally finished my paper. Now if my instructor will only download and read it....