Saturday, October 01, 2005

Another year older...but not necessarily better

So I’m still kind of recovering from my birthday. Had a nice dinner with friends, got some nice gifts; the family celebration is this weekend.

The Bar results were – if you believed the rumor – supposed to have been posted at midnight. They weren’t, predictably. I have a feeling that the rumor was started by one of my classmates who reveled in starting false rumors to freak people out. He was sadistic that way, which, in a stereotypical way, made him perfect for law school. Of course, if you believed him, he was highly ranked in the class as well. Funny how, at graduation, his name wasn’t on the list of those graduating with honors. My guess is that the other rumor – the one that said his grades weren’t all that good – was more likely true.

So this week has turned out to be a busy one. And next week promises to be as well. If the weather holds, I’ll be golfing with Dad on Monday, one last time to get out and have some guy fun. I’m looking forward to spending time with him. There was a point where he and I had an antagonistic relationship, but I was sixteen, and that’s typical. Now, we get along swimmingly, and I enjoy spending time with him. Which is good, I think. It’s nice that my family is close-knit; the only disappointment is that my cousins are lame-o’s who don’t call, write or email. My friends see their cousins, I don’t. My relatives are the most self-centered bunch I’ve ever met, which explains why I am to an extent as well.

In other news this week, John Roberts got confirmed. I’d love to go on about that, but I have a train to catch. So you’ll just have to wait until Tuesday.

Monday, September 26, 2005

My birthday demands, uh, list

“So what do you want for your birthday?”

Ugh. THAT question again. The annual reminder that I’m getting older, and closer to retirement. Well, not that close.

Anyway, I hate that question, because the last thing I do is sit around and think of things that I want for my birthday. Oh, occasionally I drop hints, but often they get ignored. Or maybe my taste is just too expensive. I mean, is it too much to ask for a Ferrari for my birthday? After all, aren’t I special?

So this year, my mom asked “the question”, and I didn’t have an answer at the ready. Truth is, I’ve been off in mental la-la land and not paying attention to the calendar. That, of course, got a rude jolt last week. But overall, I really hadn’t gone through the mental list-making that I normally go through at this time of year, anticipating that inevitable question.

So, without further ado, (and two days beforehand) here’s my list:

  1. A new blender. Mine sucks, and I like to make frozen drinks – like mudslides.
  2. Movies:
    1. The Blues Brothers
    2. Dead Poets Society
    3. Batman Returns
    4. Lord of the Rings Trilogy
    5. Any Harry Potter movie (sorry, but I like them, even if you don’t)
  3. Music
    1. Blue Merle
    2. Stereophonics
    3. Electronica – I have Future Lounge, so something along those lines
  4. Dockers™, Haines, or similar pants – mine keep wearing out
  5. Suits – at least one or two more, say a black and a neutral
  6. Shirts – dress shirts, though friends who’ve seen my closets will ask “where will you put them?
  7. A new car – a Ferrari would be nice, but not practical. How ‘bout a Saab 9-5?
  8. A speaking role in Clint Eastwood’s movie – because all I’ve got now is a role as an extra, and since my grandfather served in WWII, it would be a nice tribute.
  9. A nice Bible. I’m not overly religious, but mine is old, tattered, and from when I was in junior high. I should have a nicer one at this point in my life.
  10. A hot girlfriend. Hey, it’s my list; make up your own if you don’t like it.
  11. A nice, new residence. Preferably in San Diego. See #10.
  12. A job.

So there it is. I doubt if I’ll get any of that in the next two days, but if you’d like to wish me a happy b-day, feel free. I’ll take what I can get.