Saturday, March 29, 2003

The Morning After
Rules on going to the Barrister's Ball:

1. Remember, you have to work in the morning. Getting in at 3:00 a.m. is NOT a good idea.
2. Being nice will get you everywhere. Even in to see George Clinton without a ticket.
3. Being nice will also get you the HOB's hostess' phone number.
4. Setting up a buffet dinner during lent is not a good idea for a Catholic University.
5. Beer before liquor, never sicker. Liquor before beer, never fear. And always eat before both.
6. Always remember, when the after party is at a bar, it's a good idea to bring your ID.
7. Bouncers are not known for their sense of humor.
8. When you are drunk, things you think are funny aren't always to others.
9. Combining #6, #7 & #8, is not a good idea.
10. The homeless guy flagging cabs will not take no for an answer - even if you try to just walk away.
11. Whoever invented caffeine is a god in my book. 'Nuff said.

Tuesday, March 25, 2003

For those of you who are law student wanna-bes who read this, a word to the wise: I have been pretty swamped with work lately. My trial level brief took over twelve hours to write, and I still think it sucks. Someday, I'm sure, it'll be a breeze to write a brief, but not right now. I spent Sunday catching up on Contracts, and used a day off on Monday to write my paper. It took so long, I missed both Civ Pro and Contracts. Too bad, too. Professor Contracts handed back the mid-terms. I got a check, which apparently is OK. I did get to talk to the Prof after class, and I determined that while I was on the right track, she didn't like the explanation. C'est la vie. But it's good to know I'm learning something. And that, despite being behind, I'm not clueless. Always good to know.

With the trial brief done, I can relax a bit. We did practice orals in class tonight, and I wound up going first. Based upon my classmates comments, I did pretty well. The real thing is at the end of April, and we drew names to find out who we were paired with. Originally, I drew Erin, but had to back out when the instructor said our trial would begin at 5:30, which is a pretty impossible time for me to make. So I switched with Molly (who apparently wanted to go during the week), and lo and behold, the only two guys in the class wind up facing each other. Should be interesting. I finally have gotten, in recent days, a chance to actually talk to Chad, and he seems like a really good guy. I'm actually looking forward to it.