Thursday, January 23, 2003

I had a rule this semester. I wasn't going to contribute much in Contracts until I was called upon. In Torts, where I didn't hesitate to contribute, it seemed like eight or nine people dominated the ninety-eight person class. Every class Anjan, Larsh, Kevin, tall John, Kristine, SBA John, Conrad, and Big John were constantly piping in. Bill would be called on for any perverted thing, or anything that could be perverted, and Dr Bill was the medical guy. For controversy, we had Tony, who was so outspoken that I told him on the day of the final to think of what he really wanted to say, then say the opposite and he'd get an A. Most people were pretty normal, but Kevin came up with some real gems - like comparing Torts to the bible. We'll be talking about that until the day we die. And the drunk act, too, even though I missed it (I arrived late, and was outside trying to avoid Professor Torts' glare). I didn't see the act, but people walking outside couldn't miss hearing the laughter.

Anyway, this semester, I resolved to be more....reserved. Quiet Greg, if you will. But then Professor Contracts mentioned the parol evidence rule, something I knew of from back in my CPA exam days, and I couldn't resist. My hand shot up right away - the only person in the class to volunteer. I went totally off memory, only forgetting to mention that the rule prevents the introduction of extraneous evidence, but I got the rest. And I noticed a quick smile on Professor Contracts face; I think she liked that I not only knew the name of the rule (the judge only mentioned "bringing evidence in by parol"), but I knew the rule, even to a limited extent. I think I managed to impress her. At least, it kept her from calling on me. I chimed in once more, on why an ad offering a reward for return of a ring published in the newspaper constituted a genuine offer, while most other ads merely constituted an invitation for offers. All in all, a good class, I thought.

In order to not be overly boring, I thought I'd throw some things of interest that I'd come across, and other news...

Would you like fries with that?
Just when you think it was safe to be totally irresponsible, 2nd District court judge Robert Sweet (the almost-perfect name for this case, don't you think?) decides that yes, you DO in fact have to be responsible for what you shove into your pie hole. I love this link. Do the math on that caption: 590 calories for the Big Mac, plus another 540 for the large fries, plus another 200 or so for the Coke to wash it down equals 1,330 calories, and at least 60 grams of fat! Good god, on a 2,000 calorie diet, lunch would set you back for nearly seventy-five percent of your total for the day!!

Sure it tastes good going down. But is the heart attack worth it????

It's always a shame when someone dies. It's worse still when that someone is as young as Nell. Heck, it's downright scary. One can only assume her diabetes contributed somewhat to that.

Other Tidbits
Do religious groups or companies have the right to edit out parts of films and redistribute them? Read this article and decide for yourself. Some interesting arguments.

Wednesday, January 22, 2003

What a day. First, I wake up late, which results in me being somewhat, uh, tardy, to work (should I admit to that?). Then, because today is a class day (Civ Pro), I leave early to catch the train. But I don't catch the train. Instead, as I pull into the lot, the train arrives. And since it's on the other side of the tracks (accessible only by tunnel), there's no way I'll get to it in time. Which means I'm stuck driving. on the home of the never-ending backup, the Eisenhower Expressway. But miracle of miracles......there's (almost) no traffic, so I zip downtown in a mere 49 minutes!

Tonight is the prayer service for Professor Cooper. I actually liked having her in Torts, even if she did let people wander from the topic from time to time. What a shock last week to find she had "multiple myeloma" - bone cancer. From what we've been told, it hasn't reached the marrow, but she did suffer renal (kidney) failure shortly after our final on December 9th. Of course, everyone was annoyed that our tests hadn't been graded yet (and no grades posted), but somehow that dissolved the minute we found out why. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

Turned out to be a good day. I got to Loyola earlier than expected, so I could talk to Financial Aid about loans for the summer semester (my lovely trip to Rome and Oxford), and also talk about the possibility of switching to full-time. On the one hand, it would be nice to take off some of the pressure, but on the other up a decent (if somewhat annoying) job with decent benefits = very scary.

I also got my U-Pass, which means unlimited rides on the CTA. Now I can not worry about whether or not I have enough money on the transit card. Whoopee!!!!

I'm excited about Civ Pro - we get to file a complaint, motions....all the really fun stuff. Ok, that's psychotic, but this has been a dream for a long time, and now I'm finally doing it. Part of the reason I'd like to switch to full time is that I'd get to be more involved in the whole experience - moot court/law review, networking, summer associate. I'm just afraid that staying part time would make it more difficult to get a job when I'm done. And besides, I finish a year sooner, always a plus at my age.....

Tomorrow is day 2 of Contracts...but in reality, it's day 1.....that is, the first real day of real contracts, and the real Socratic method. I said nothing in class last week (unusual for me), and I don't think I'll speak up tomorrow, unless called on. I'm waiting to see how she runs class. Of course, uncertainty didn't stop Kevin, Larsh, and Conrad from speaking up. To Moses' credit, she did a fantastic job of cutting Kevin off at the quick last week. The King of Beating A Dead Horse didn't know what to do.....

My ear is killing me. It feels like theres water or something in there - very compacted, hard to describe.I think I have an infection. I had a headache earlier, and Miguel's Ibuprofin didn't help. Actually, the headache started last night, on the side of the infection. Fortunately, I have some antibiotic from a previous bout. (Don't worry, it's a full, fairly new prescription. I got a refill, then found I didn't need it.....) And some Extra Strength Tylenol for the headache.


Tuesday, January 21, 2003

I hate legal writing. I hate legal writing. I hate legal writing. I hate legal writing. I hate legal writing.

Sorry. Had to get that out of my system. I just get annoyed at having to go to this class, engage in things which don't have much relevance, and work under seemingly draconian rules. Ok, they may not be that bad, but if you read the syllabus, you'd think our instructor was Adolph Hitler. Or maybe Stalin. I mean, c'mon, we get an email telling us to "allot sufficient time over Christmas break" to work on an assignment that has limited use in the long run, and doesn't count for a grade. Arrrggghhh!!!

Ok, I'm feeling better. Class wasn't SO bad, and I wimped out tonight and parked in the 110 East Chestnut lot, because it's heated, even if it is $1.75 more than the lot I usually park in. But hey, that one's two blocks further. And unheated.

Speaking of the weather, it is now 60 days until spring. 150 days until summer officially begins. And 126 days until Rome..............

I'm sitting here thinking of why I really need to go to work tomorrow. Outside of some short projects which will take about two hours to complete, I don't have much to do. Maybe I'll work on adding links and a bio to this. And pictures. Sheesh, I must be dreaming already. Time for bed....

And a special thanks to Robyn, Wendy, Beth, Cherie, and Shell for your lovely posts. Having you around is great for my ego...... ;o)
Hello. Welcome to my fun, exciting life. I have no idea what I'm doing, nor where to start, so this should be thoroughly entertaining. At least for some of you out there.....

I'm sure this will improve as I figure out what to do, and how to do it.......