Friday, January 31, 2003

Busy weekend coming up. I managed to get it off to a good start by going for a run after work. But I just feel like I stare at this screen, and get nowhere some days. And today is one of them.

Temple commented that I don't live up to the name of this blog. Well, truth be told, there was a bit of sarcasm inherent in that when I started this. On the other hand (they teach you to do this in law school), I actually do like school. I enjoy contracts, and I really enjoy Civil Procedure.

Contracts harkens me back to when I was studying for the CPA exam, and Professor Wright's tales of Herb and Harriett Huskie and Ike Illini. If you ever had Harry Wright, you'd know what I'm talking about. If not, well, one day I go into more detail. Suffice for now that Ike was the "ideal" law student (he took his name from Wright's alma mater, University of Illinois, a small school somewhere south of Chicago). Herb, however, couldn't do anything right. Herb, of course, got his name from the NIU mascot. Professor Wright spent many a class highlighting Herb's misadventures, and extolling Ike's virtues. It was entertaining, but like the hero who's just too good, you want something bad to happen to him. So, I took the initiative. Once, during the CPA review, I made up a phony headline announcing that Ike was arrested in a sex scandal. Professor Wright got a good laugh out of it, and I've been told that he had it framed in his office at one point. Don't know if it's true, but if it is, I feel pretty honored....

My Civ Pro Professor is a lot like Professor Wright. Entertaining, energetic (he flits about the room like he's OD'd on caffeine) and knowledgeable, he makes class interesting. For the entire first semester, he had the undivided attention of every student. We sat in awe at his knowledge, but he didn't lord it over us. In no way is he a Socratic method teacher, but that's just fine. We like him as he is.

Which brings to mind tonight's I talked on the phone with my parents (it's their anniversary today), I had Legally Blonde on the tube. It made me think - even though there are kernals of truth in Legally Blonde - I love the scene where she asks the manicurist's ex if he knows what subject matter jurisdiction is - I think overall, The Paper Chase is still the hallmark for law school movies. Then again, I can only think of the two of them. Are there more?

I'll try to emphasise the positive a bit more. I think Temple's right - I've been a bit whiny lately. C'est la vie.

AND NOW......

Applications are now being accepted for the position of "date" for the CBA's annual "Barrister's Ball". Ok, I could go stag, but I'd rather have a dance partner.......LMAO. Of course, it is in Chicago, so if you're from out of town, please include how you propose to get here, and where you expect to stay.....

As always, comments are more than welcome. I don't always answer in the comments section, but I do notice......and sometimes, as you can tell, spend a whole evening addressing them.

Thursday, January 30, 2003


For those of you not here in the Chicago area, we have been suffering through a tremendous mini-heatwave the last two days. Temperatures have risen all the way up to the mid-thirties here, and if The Weather Channel can be believed (and why would they lie?), the next few days will see tempertures shoot all the way up to 50!!!! I might be able to hop on the bike!!! Wow......

Now, of course, my LA friends will remind me that temperatures there have dipped down into the mid-80s and they're probably quite chilly, but I tell you, you haven't lived until you've decided to choke down the food in the company barfeteria because its to friggin' cold to walk the 20 feet to your car and drive somewhere. Now, I'm one of the lucky few around here. I donate an extra $100 a month for the privlege of having a garage. Not an attached garage. No, those are for the two bedrooms. Mine's only a one bedroom, so I have to walk 75 steps (yes, I counted; yes, I have no life) to the detached garages, where my Bravada (yes, it's an SUV, but I live in the arctic tundra dammit!) is safely ensconced away from snow, rain or (as predicted for tonight) sleet. Sure, I have to walk through that shit, but hey, at least I'm not standing in it, trying to chip my car out of a block of ice. So there. Besides, for the extortion, uh, rent I pay, I should be entitled to certain privileges.


Achilles was dipped in the River Styx (so, let's see if I get this was a river first, then it was a band?). Helen was captured at Sparta (I thought he was the dude Kirk Douglas played?). Aeneas was the only survivor of the battle of Troy. One of the joys of having nephews is having them call and leave you a message asking you questions about Greek Mythology. Ok, I've been to Athens, and I do like Mythology, but I'm no expert. Thank heavens for my Edith Hamilton book Sure, she's been dead since 1963 (before even I was born), but that didn't stop her from helping out when needed...

So ask away nephew. With my trusty manual at my side, I'll be happy to answer. I could buy you your own copy for your b-day in May, but then the only people who'd leave messages are your Mom and mine. Come to think of it, that's all who do now. Hmm.


My oldest nephew turns 14 in two weeks.


My friend Russell Otte, on his new arrival, the soon-to-be-debonair Charles Otte. What the fuck, Chuck? LMAO....sorry, pal, I couldn't resist.

Hi Joe!

Well, I think I'll quit here and watch Blind Date. Sure, it's cheesy, but I'd rather watch crappy dates than have them. Much cheaper that way. And in a bizzare way, more satisfying.

Tonight's first couple is attempting to navigate some mound, most likely in CA. Last night, the second couple was from/in Chicago. I watched, wondering where they'd go, hoping against hope that they'd find some interesting spot. BUT NO! They stuck with the cheesy tourist spots that no self-respecting Chicagoan would take a first date to. Not if they wanted a second. So it wasn't any surprise when he dropped her off at Union Station. Suburbanite. I should have known. Ok, Ok, so I'm one, too. But at least I know my way around Chicago. I should. I spend plenty of time there...

Allright, enough commentary! Hit the damn hot tub already!!! Because we all know that's how you get laid on the first date, even if you're butt ugly!!!!

Have a good one, folks!

Wednesday, January 29, 2003


Did you ever find yourself with time on your hands, and things to do with it, but no desire? I'm there right now. I should be writing my research paper. Operative word there is should. Not that I am. I am just having a hard time getting motivated. Actually, my excuse is that I'm waiting for Emily to come over and talk to me about the complaint we're supposed to write for Civil Procedure. She told me she'd read the background material quickly and come over. That was an hour ago. In twenty minutes, I have to go to Research class.

Here's what I don't understand. By some stupid rule, West and Lexis cannot talk to 1L's until second semester. Apparently, we're supposed to learn how to research the old way first, then the modern way. But let's be realistic here; you gave us account numbers and passwords, you don't think we'll use them? Especially when someone hides the AmJur's and such? Give me a break. If I didn't use Lexis last semester (or West, for that matter) I would have been screwed. Now I get to sit through two hour-long presentations the next two Wednesdays on how to use what I've already used. Doesn't make sense.


The nice thing about an offsite "all hands" meeting is that it screws up the afternoon in a good way; by the time the meeting ended at 3:15, no one, bosses included wanted to go back to work. After all, the drive on I-88 would have eaten up at least half an hour (to go six miles, ugh), and most people wouldn't have been motivated to do much, anyway. For that benefit, I sat through a two-hour meeting, the purpose of which I am still unclear of. But at least I got to have lunch with M&D, and, since the meeting center was on the way to school, it cut my drive down by a good half hour. I got here so early, in fact, I had to park in front of the parking garage, because the discounted rate doesn't start until 4. Hey, you'd do it too to pay $8 instead of $21.

The only suck-ass part of the afternoon was my going to the wrong building and wandering around for 10 minutes before I got up the nerve to look like an idiot, and ask reception where I should be. They didn't know either. So I went next door, and fortunately, the guard saw me walk in, and knew right where to send me. Not too embarrassed, I was able to sneak in back unnoticed and find a seat.


So how else can I keep this from being boring? Well, I guess I could complain some more about Bush's speech last night. But Slate does it so much better.

I could comment on whether or not Shania lip-synched. They say no, I say it sure looked that way. But then, how many people were actually paying attention to her lips? It is interesting to find out how musicians manage to focus, though.

Well more later. In the interim, you can always check out a lovely lady from LA....

Tuesday, January 28, 2003

Man, am I tired. And stressed. Did I mention I hate legal writing?

So I decide to take a half day at work to write up the draft for the memo due next week. I finally get through the snow and arrive downtown around 2:30, and.....miracle of miracles......I get a parking spot right in front of the building!!!!! What luck. It's a productive day, as I manage to get through a huge chunk of the paper...only to find out 1) we won't be able to turn in a draft, as we thought we would, and 2) my draft is nowhere near what it should be. Rats. Back to the drawing board!!

Work, by the way is boring this week. I'm not sure what I should be working on, I just know the concentration level is VERY low this week. As it was last week. Next week will be a different story. Maybe tomorrow I'll be motivated.

Ok, enough of my day....


So, let's see. The plan was to sue Napster out of existence, that whole file-swapping thing would just disappear. Right? Uh, no. Because sites like Kazaa pop up just as fast as they're shut down. And my impression is that this issue isn't going away simply because record companies have good lawyers. The whole strategy needs to be rethought.....


Hmm....I see George Bush, Jr gave the Big Speech tonight. Promised more new evidence. Did I miss the first evidence? Just curious. I don't know about anyone else, but based on what I'm reading, other nations seem to think there's a dearth of evidence. Germany and France want more time. The UK wants more time. I'm thinking that if we push ahead, we might wind up doing irreparable damage to our reputation.


As always, your comments welcome. Post them here, or email them to

Until tomorrow, I'm going to bed..........

Sunday, January 26, 2003

Taa daa! I'm back! Not that I went anywhere; I was just lazy.


Who cares? Ok, maybe my Uncle Terry; he lives in Tampa. So does his mother, my aunt Inez. And my onetime friend, Andrew, whom I called one Christmas after I moved out of the house I shared with my friend Jeff (who asked me to leave because his girlfriend thought I was gay; I'm not, but she based her assumption on the fact that I wasn't dating anyone at the time, and I was living with a guy, therefore....oh, never mind). Anyway, I called Andrew, whose older brother once lived on my dorm floor, to wish him a Merry Christmas. His mother, who was visiting, answered, and said he'd call back. I'm still waiting.

Other than that, I don't know anyone around here who cares. Ok, maybe some people in New Lenox, where Mike Alstott once played football (and who donated the New Lenox Mustangs' scoreboard). And some people in Chicago, who grew up with Simeon Rice. But not me. I'm waiting for ESPN's Page2 article on how Keyshawn (or Me-shawn, as they call him) Johnson takes credit for the Bucs' success. Yeah, sure. What was it, two or three catches? Talk about overrated.

Ok, enough sports. Otherwise, I'll have to start writing for SI.....


Who doesn't have one? I always do. This weekend's plan was pretty straightforward: read Contracts on Friday, Civ Pro on Saturday, and spend a good chunk of Sunday writing my Legal Writing Research Memo, breaking off around 5 to head out somewhere for the Super Bowl.

Of course, as Robert Burns once said, the best laid plans of mice and men go oft awry. And, true to form, that's how my weekend went. Friday was spent doing.....well, I don't know what the hell I did. I didn't go run, as planned, after work. I came home, did laundry, watched TV....and went to bed. T

Saturday, I realized I hadn't sent Kevin that check yet, or picked up my planner at Franklin Covey. So those chores shot the morning. To top the morning off, I took the antibiotic (feeling better, by the way) WITHOUT food. BIG mistake. While standing at the counter in Franklin Covey, I suddenly became nauseous. Predictably, I was about 8 miles from home at the time, and the only way back was either via light-and-traffic intensive Route 59, or the back roads, which, while quicker, were slower. I chose the Aurora-to-River-to-Jefferson-to-Mill-to-Warrenville route, and got home in about 20 agonizing minutes. I quickly made 2 eggs and gulped them down. I felt much better shortly thereafter. By the time I ran errands, and ate breakfast, it was 1 o'clock, and I had to leave at 3 to be at my sister's in time to go to my nephew's footbal banquet (like Mike Alstott, he played running back for the NL Mustangs). I managed, somehow, to fit in some Contracts.

This morning was church, followed by a quick trip to the store to pick up more firewood, and some groceries. So actual studying didn't start in earnest until around 12:30. But at least I was dedicated. I am now ahead in Civ Pro, and pretty much ahead in Contracts reading. I got through the Statement of Facts on the memo, until I quit to research EuroRail fares for my European trip this summer. So of a two-and-a-half day weekend, I had one truly productive day. Not good. Another reason why I am seriously considering changing from part time to full time.


I'll take a moment to publicly thank everyone who's posted here in the last week; Shell, Lee, Robyn, Jan, Beth, Wendy, Cherie, Becca and Leo.

A special thanks to Erin; I don't know you, but thanks for your comment. Come back and visit often. Liked your site, too....

To everyone else, comments are always welcome; you can post them here, or email me at

Happy Sunday!!! Promise for tomorrow? I'll get up in the morning and go for that run......