Tuesday, January 21, 2003

I hate legal writing. I hate legal writing. I hate legal writing. I hate legal writing. I hate legal writing.

Sorry. Had to get that out of my system. I just get annoyed at having to go to this class, engage in things which don't have much relevance, and work under seemingly draconian rules. Ok, they may not be that bad, but if you read the syllabus, you'd think our instructor was Adolph Hitler. Or maybe Stalin. I mean, c'mon, we get an email telling us to "allot sufficient time over Christmas break" to work on an assignment that has limited use in the long run, and doesn't count for a grade. Arrrggghhh!!!

Ok, I'm feeling better. Class wasn't SO bad, and I wimped out tonight and parked in the 110 East Chestnut lot, because it's heated, even if it is $1.75 more than the lot I usually park in. But hey, that one's two blocks further. And unheated.

Speaking of the weather, it is now 60 days until spring. 150 days until summer officially begins. And 126 days until Rome..............

I'm sitting here thinking of why I really need to go to work tomorrow. Outside of some short projects which will take about two hours to complete, I don't have much to do. Maybe I'll work on adding links and a bio to this. And pictures. Sheesh, I must be dreaming already. Time for bed....

And a special thanks to Robyn, Wendy, Beth, Cherie, and Shell for your lovely posts. Having you around is great for my ego...... ;o)

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