Wednesday, June 04, 2003

A long, long, time ago, as a high school freshman, I was selected to be a teacher's aide by an English teacher named Frank Della. Mr. Della was an interesting person, whom I never really felt comfortable around. But he had some influence at old ABS, and his student aides were able to pretty much do whatever we wanted. I don't know whatever became of Mr. Della, but I do remember one cliche he taught me: Familiarity breeds contempt. I didn't know what he meant back then, but I do now. All too well in some cases.

When you're in law school, you spend an inordinate amount of time with the same people, day in, day out. Some are arrogant mothers, who you just want to bitch-slap until they cry like babies. Others are wonderful people whom you can't wait to see. Most fall somewhere in between. Another thing they'll tell you is that "Law School X" (fill in the name of your school) is not competitive. This is complete and utter bullshit. Ok, so there are people who are willing to help each other out. But then there are those who live for grades.

Take Heather and John, for example. Heather is a former flight attendant, who is now going to law school full-time. There were four write on opportunities for law journals this past month, and Heather did them all. She also tried out for Moot Court, and spends her time mostly studying. She seems nice at first, but get to know her, and you won't like what you see. She's all about the grades. Case in point: last night, I was in Scott & Patrick's room when Heather came in. First comment out of her mouth? "I checked the website, and no new grades have been posted yet." Hello!!! We're in FUCKING ROME!!! Why do you care what the grades are? Moreover, why do you think I care?

John's no better. When I told him Contracts grades were in, he immediately got up from his chair and went to the computer lab to check. And he's become friends with Willis, arguably the most arrogant asshole I've met here (or in Chicago, for that matter). John would like the three of us to go to Interlachen between classes, and maybe have Willis' roommate join us. Now, God forgive me for saying this, but I don't think I could find three more boring people to spend time with on this planet. I'd much rather pay for Moxie and Joanie to fly to Zurich than spend a weekend with these three. Hell, I'd rather spend a weekend being tortured by Hitler. How arrogant is Willis? Well, it's hard to say, but I've yet to meet anyone here with kind words for him. And he uttered my favorite line last week: "I've already begun formulating my answer to the final exam question." THAT was on Day 3 of class. We still have 3 weeks to go, for chrissake, how the hell can you even.....oh, never mind.

And John-boy pissed me off by asking if I was still chasing Elise. Now, I do like Elise, and if given the opportunity, I'd date her in a New York minute. But 1.) she started seeing someone right before she left for Rome whom she seriously likes, 2.) She told me she'd like to fix me up with a friend of hers, which is a pretty good indication she's not interested in keeping me for herself, 3.) New Boyfriend is attempting to make arrangements to meet her here in Europe. So my guess is, I'm not on her radar screen. But I've learned how fast rumors spread, and my guess is the Loyola rumor mill now has Elise and I as an item. Especially since we are both going to Sorrento together, and since John specifically commented that "I [John] don't know what the room arrangements are." I quickly mentioned she was staying in a room with two other women. Thank God he wasn't at dinner with us last night, when Elise and I both ordered the same dinner, and split a salad. Egads! Even worse - we both had the same gelato!!! Never mind that, outside of asking if I'd like to share a salad with her, Elise didn't consult me on any meal choices, and it was pure coincidence that we got the same food. Nope, that means there's more there. If Elise is attracted to me, she hasn't done anything outward to show it. Either that, or I'm seriously blind. Which isn't out of the question. Either way, I'd much rather have anything that may develop between us do so without interference from miserable, meddling people.

Oh, and I should mention that a hot rumor around school has Heather and John as a couple, something they've continuously denied, even in face of evidence that they're more than friends. Interesting, huh?

The wheel just keeps spinning, no matter where it is.

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