Tuesday, June 17, 2003

Scratching where it itches.....

In the interest of satisfying copyright law, and at the same time satisfying ev, one of my growing list of regular commenters, here's a rundown of the lyrics I've quoted recently...

June 2: Frozen, Madonna (Ray of Light); Sounds of Silence, Simon & Garfunkel
June 3: Running to Stand Still, U2 (Joshua Tree)
June 5: Killing Moon, Echo and the Bunnymen
June 9: Gold Dust Woman, Fleetwood Mac (Rumours)
June 11: American Pie, Don McLean; Empty Sky, Bruce Springsteen (The Rising); Letter to Elise, The Cure (Wish)

Those are the ones I could readily look up. For some reason, getting to my archives is not achievable right now, so I can't answer those right off, though I do know I quoted the Jayhawk's Save It For a Rainy Day (Don't look so sad Marina, there's another part to play), and of course, Norah Jones' Don't Know Why, but I did credit that one in the entry for the day (as I backhandedly did for Madonna as well). And finally, how could I forget the Clash classic London Calling.

Most of the time, the music I quote is what was on my mind at the moment, but sometimes it serves to comment on the rest of the post, or, in the case of Letter to Elise, a song I associate with a person (not that I'm madly in love with Elise, but I can't help but think of that song whenever I see her).

So there you have it. Hope that answers your question. And yes, I've been a little lax in posting, not because it's suddenly gotten boring here (it hasn't), but because the computer room here at the Rome Center is not air-conditioned and regularly is at least 10-15 degrees hotter than anywhere else. And when the outside temperature is 96 degrees, well, you can just imagine how comfortable it is to sit in front of a computer for an hour (which is how long it takes me to write the longer posts). Plus, I am supposed to be studying here, so I do occasionally have to do homework.

More later. I promise. Just as soon as I find a computer whose keys do not consistently stick.........and just as soon as I revise my paper on rape.

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