Wednesday, August 06, 2003

I'm baaaaack...for a day

Man, I feel bushed. All I've been doing is traveling since May 23rd. I came home last Friday, and spend Saturday and Sunday unpacking and doing laundry, going through 10 weeks worth of mail, and trying to figure out who has been paid and who hasn't. In the interim, I have to also slog through 150 emails (99 percent junk, unfortunately; I don't get much in the way of real email) and try to figure out just how little money I have left.

In the meantime, I paid a visit to the local Jewel (a/k/a the grocery/drugstore near me) and had some pictures developed. Enjoy. And don't laugh at the cheesy sweater I'm wearing. First, I don't wear sweaters often. Second, due to Ryanair's weight restrictions, I couldn't fit the other sweaters I have (all two of them) in my luggage. I have tons, so I'll post more ASAP. But for now, I think I'm going to watch Austin Powers. Or maybe Dogma, since I was so rudely interrupted by undergrads when I tried to watch it in Rome....

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