Sunday, October 09, 2005

The search begins...

So now that I've officially passed the Bar Exam, I have to find a job. Toward that end, I've updated the resume on (stagnant for four years). I don't expect much from Monster, but it's a start.

Next up is reviewing firms here in Illinois, and also trying to get a line on firms in California. The early results aren't promising; in looking at several websites, the firms here aren't looking to hire someone who didn't work in their office as a summer associate. I think that if there's anything that Loyola fell down on, it was providing a wealth of summer opportunities to students. Without a summer position, I'm afraid that getting hired is going to prove very difficult.

Of course, I can't blame Loyola entirely. Some of this is my fault, but I think it's driven by the fact that I was never a 'law school junkie'. You know the type - always at school, in the career services office. They know about openings in North Butte, Montana, six seconds after they're posted. They have the inside track on what's going on in firms, and leave you scratching your head, wondering how they find these things out. On the other hand, you know that the 'stros just dumped the Braves in 18 innings, and will fact the Cards in the NLDS. And the Yankees (known in Bahston as the Yankmees) have stretched the Halos (a/k/a the Angels) to a five-game series.

I have no real idea how to go about a job search, so I'm thinking this will wind up a scattergun approach. I gave BigLaw my resume, thinking that two years of affiliated work could maybe qualify me for a pity interview, but any hope of that had ice water dumped on it Friday. I wasn't a summer associate; they weren't really all that interested.

This is going to be fun.


maizzy said...

Hey Greg,
I guess passing was half the battle, now the next half is about to begin! Good luck on that front!

BTW: watched a tiny piece of the game (Angels v. Yankees)yesterday, #55 (yeah I remember the #) of NY was hot, ok so I am bias when it comes to Asian men. So, I tuned in for his demise! I felt so bad for him... Aahh, cutie sucked!

Bon work shoppping,


Jason said...

I don't know if even the "law school junkies" would get much out of our Career Resource Center. I heard that they changed the name from Career Services since they weren't providing any services. Their spin was that they're not there to find you a job -- just to provide you with the resources so you can find a job. What a crock! They offer OCI, which is applicable to only the top 10% of students. They offer the "4 or more" list, which is completely unworkable -- no way to search based on practice area. The only real advice they give is "networking." But if you're not from Chicago, not from a legal dynasty, how the hell do you network?

Thankfully, Rhodes, through ACTEC, has started a Trust & Estate mentorship program. I'm hoping that will help me find something. Plus, once I quit my current job, I'm going to face my fears and actually attend those CBA committee meetings where I don't know a soul.

I hate job searching. I think it is about 100 times worse than dating (which, thankfully, I don't need to worry about anymore). All it is about is someone else judging you unworthy of their association.

Ugh. I'm dreading the job search more than the bar exam!