Monday, March 06, 2006

Pardon the Interruption...

Well the plan was to spend last week talking about my trip to California to take the bar exam.

That was the plan.

The reality was that I brought home a nice souvenir from California - one hell of a nasty cold. Or some cold-and-flu-like illness, which kicked me up one side and down another.

Tuesday, I was feeling a little under the weather & stuffy. By Wednesday morning, I had a nice, hoarse voice and a sore throat, in addition to a runny nose. Somehow, I not only made it through lunch with the people I work for, I got invited back to their home for a cup of tea and conversation. And we made plans to go look at one of their properties in the area on Thursday.

But by Thursday morning, I was feeling so awful, I was seriously tempted to cancel, even though I'd be giving up a rare opportunity to drive a Mercedes. Somehow, I slogged through the tour, skipped out on a (free) lunch opportunity, and returned the rented Mercedes G380. I was so out-of-sorts that I forgot to refill the gas, thus incurring the dreaded $6-a-gallon surcharge.

I headed home, and immediately plopped on the couch, where I stayed until late Saturday, when I finally felt strong enough to move around a bit. By Sunday, I was able to actually eat a full meal, and today I made it into work. So at least I can actually do what I promised last week...

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