Friday, February 14, 2003

Hello? Anybody here? Hmm…..awful quiet around here…..

It’s all about me, dammit…………….

I have determined that my shower hates me. I don’t know what I did to it, but it no longer likes me. Either that, or the ghost of one of my ex-girlfriends is now haunting it. My shower is officially a tease. It starts out nice and hot, but within moments, it turns tepid at best. Factor in the fact that my bedroom is on two outside walls, and that the walk-in closet is cold enough to store food in during the winter, and the bathroom itself (which is attached to both) is cold. Cold bathroom + cold shower = I don’t spend a lot of time primping.

My apartment has been officially labeled a hazmat zone. I know there’s no chance of my having female accompaniment anytime soon, because she’d walk in, take one look and run. There’s crap all over, and the dust bunnies have completed their buildup in the living room and are preparing to launch on the kitchen soon. Intel tells me it’ll be sometime in the next week…….

Ok, so I took yesterday off from posting. I read Wednesday’s post, and realized it was totally disjointed, like I was on drugs or something. Were I that lucky. Then things might be interesting.

I’m starting to get excited about going to Europe, even if it is mainly because the weather here sucks so bad. I just asked for weather warm enough so that my car can return to its natural ruby red color, instead of salt white. So what do I get? A winter storm warning. A good excuse if I wanted to stay in and study all weekend, but it’s tax season, and I have appointments tonight. I’m not sticking around late, I guarantee that. I have research to do.

Yesterday, I finally decided to do the Bar Character and Fitness Application. Originally, I thought that Illinois bars really had cracked down on their patrons, until I realized this joke was all about being licensed to practice in Illinois. This exercise in stupidity is unbelievable – they want to know everything about anything you might have possibly considered doing. I was expecting them to ask the last time I had sex. And god forbid you miss a question – they won’t process your application!

Not that these chowderheads are anywhere near being in the 21st century. Up until late December, their requirements were that you printed the application out and typed the answers. Typed. Who the fuck still owns a typewriter? Jesus H. Christ – even my company, notorious for having big, clunky, adding machines circa 1962 vintage – tossed out their typewriters. Of course, it took a move to a new building for that to happen, but it did. And fee payment? Certified check, cashiers check or money order ONLY. Hey morons – you hear of this new invention, the credit card? Or the real fandangled new thing – direct debit? *Sigh*. And I’m planning on joining these techo-morons. I doubt if the Illinois, Chicago or American Bar Associations will see dime one of my money.

Anyway, they’ve somewhat gotten into the 20th century. In late December, they added the ability to type onto the form while still on the computer. You can then print it out, and pay via 19th century methodology. Of course, they call it “downloadable”, which implies that you can download the file, and save changes. Wrong. I spent an hour typing crap in yesterday, and hit save, and………… all disappeared. ARRRGGGHHHH!

Anyway………..another weekend is upon us. Maybe this one, I’ll actually be productive.

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