Monday, February 03, 2003


You’re kidding, right?

In other news:

I see Barbie lost her law suit. Ken won’t be anatomically correct anytime soon as a result. Seems that Mattel, using the biblical defense, said that Immaculate Conception was working just fine. How else do you explain the girl Barbies? G.I. Joe? Forget it. All brawn. Those years of ‘roids shrank ‘em like raisins, kids.

Ok, so I’m a bit behind the times. I just saw Brobeck, Phleger & Harrison announced they’re folding. Who? Just read the article. It’s a good lesson on short-sightedness, and how money clouds people’s judgment, even those smart enough to know better. I guess Tower Snow (that’s his real name!) slept through bankruptcy class.

I met the new neighbors this past week. That was fun. It wasn’t intentional, mind you. I saw shoes outside of the apartment (I don’t know what it is, but EVERYONE in this building, save me, puts their shoes outside their doors. What? You people never heard of throw rugs? Remnants? Sure, the carpet’s white, but… oh, never mind). Anyway, I thought the shoe’s looked like Mike and Amy’s, the old neighbors who moved at the beginning of the year. But I was thrown, because, although I’ve seen him since, I thought he mentioned his lease expired the 24th. And this was the 27th, 28th – something like that. Curious, I knocked. And a woman answered. But not Amy. Someone else.

But hey, I’m a law student. Surely I’ll come up with something intelligent, right? Right?

“Oh. Hi. So you’ve moved in?

There’s a brilliant start. Turns out she’s a radiology student, and he’s from Lancaster, PA, which I know because my company has a HQ there, plus a huge chunk of my family hails from Pennsylvania. They seem nice. I doubt they’ll talk to me again. C’est la vie.

My Legal Writing instructor emailed me on Thursday and said my paper wouldn’t print. Asked if I could send a different format. Based on her email, I didn’t think it would work, because it sounded like the problem was at her end. So I told her to call me. This morning, she emailed me that it printed fine, and that I could pick up comments tonight, so I did. And boy did she comment. I thought it was a crappy paper, and her comments went in that direction. Fortunately, I spent yesterday trashing and rewriting. But I still have some work to do tomorrow at lunch. I’ll have to skip out early, too, and finish before class.

I think I’m getting a cold. Crap.

Moxie (link above) decided she’s no longer going to write about her relationships. I wish I had that problem.

I missed Joe Millionaire again. Went to contracts class instead. Gretchen skipped class to work on her paper. Wonder if she watched it? Hmm….

My weekend is fully booked, and it’s only Monday. And none of it is homework-related. This may be a problem.

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