Tuesday, February 04, 2003

Well, it was fun while it lasted....

The heatwave is over. Not that it was much fun. Sure, the temps go up to the 40's but it was rainy, damp and foggy all day yesterday, and for a good chunk of Saturday and Sunday. So what good was it, anyway.

Now we're back into the deep freeze, with wind chills expected to hit 2 degrees tonight. I live for summer. It seems to go by way too fast, and days like these linger way too long. YUCK!


Tonight's a big night. The Legal Writing Research Memo is due, and, supposedly, we find out who is and isn't going to Rome and/or Oxford. I signed up for both, but wound up third on the waiting list for Oxford. Actually, the sign-up was on the first workday of the month, always a big day for us accountants, so I couldn't go. I lamented as such to my father, who's retired now, and to my surprise, he volunteered to go wait in line if necessary. Fortunately, my classmate Tim (who just walked by, for anyone who cares) works in the computer lab. So I gave him my number and told him to call me if there was a line. I told my dad not to worry - there probably wouldn't be a line before 3:00, or two hours before sign ups began. Boy, was I wrong. Tim called at 10:30, saying he was 40th in line. I called my dad, and he raced the 40 miles downtown. Not only did he wind up 62nd, but he somehow became a benchmark for everyone. If you talk to any evening student about going to Europe, they all seem to gauge their chances by where they were in relation to my dad. "I was three people behind Greg's dad, how about you?" I haven't told him yet. I'm sure he'll get a laugh.

Well....it's 6:45. Time to go to class. More later, if I don't join the others at the Wrightwood Tap.

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