Friday, March 21, 2003

Ok, I have to admit to being a bit lax lately, and not posting on a regular basis. C'est la vie. I've been kind of busy. Doing what, I'm not sure, but I've been very busy.

The week in review:

Monday was not a good day. I came to work in quite the surly mood, and upset two of my co-workers, whom I consider friends. It was so bad, I actually had to apologize, and mend fences. This is not a good thing. Fortunately, Jen is a good-natured person, and forgave me. Miguel was a little more piqued, and we didn't speak to each other on Tuesday. I finally sent him an email and apologized, offering to talk to him about it if he wanted to. He was ill Wednesday, but we did discuss the issue of my moodiness on Thursday, albiet briefly. I think we cleared the air. Until the next time, at least..........

Tuesday started out badly, as I mentioned. Plus, I thought that I'd lost my pocket-sized Black's the night before. I was not happy about leaving a $25 book (for a pocket-size softcover!) laying on the floor of the law school for just anyone to have. But, fortunately, I hadn't - it was in my locker. And I got even better news - an A on my legal writing research memo! I drove home with a big grin. I've been a bit more organized, too. I was able to file all of my friends' tax returns in a timely manner. Except for one, which rejected for no good reason. Unfortunately, communication with the tax office has been sparse, and I need to touch base there. Fortunately, I'll be there tonight, but I'm booked solid. Three more weeks.

Wednesday was two hours of Contracts. Professor Contracts had to be out of town Monday, so instead of one hour of Civ Pro, and two of Contracts, we had three hours of Civ Pro. At the end of class, Professor K decided to do a hypo on Class action, starring - me. Here I was, typing away on the laptop when I hear my name, and look up to find I'm the subject of the hypo. Now imagine how weird it was for me to write 'Greg v. Fly-By-Night Travel', all the while enduring the bemused looks of classmates who (for purposes of the hypo) had purchased, at my behest, a ski trip from the aforementioned travel company, only to find the lodge had yet to be built. The class finished with a debate on whether I was a qualified representative of the class, or if I had ulterior motives which disqualified me. Of course, Cisco the Cop was tossed out as a co-plaintiff (which prompted him to quip he'd never buy a trip from me in the first place). Class ended before the issues were resolved, so Monday should continue the fun.

Of course last night was Day 1 of March Madness. I'd post my brackets, if I could, but alas.....I cannot. Suffice to say that Notre Dame and Illinois both disappointed me by winning, and SIU disappointed me by losing. I have to admit to taking risks this year. I've been busy enough that I didn't really follow college B-ball (not that I do, anyway), so I kinda guessed a lot. And relied on ESPN's picks.

Last night also reminded me of why I don't go out after class on Thursday anymore. I get in too late, spend too much, and wind up wiped out on Friday. Given the number of meetings I have today, that's not a good thing. Helllooooo coffee.......

The law loveline....

One interesting thing you learn as you go through the first year is how people who seem intelligent can still do things that cause you to raise an eyebrow. M, considered by many to be the prettiest girl in class, got married over break. That's right, married. They've been dating for .... six months. He lives in NC (but is moving here), and she lives here. I hope for their sake that it works out. I also found out last night that C (who I've had a secret crush on) is back with the 5-year Boyfriend Who Can't Commit. She says this time he seems more serious. I told her I'd offer a shoulder if she needs one. In other news, our lovely Japanese law student has taken up with a classmate. She, too, supposedly had a boyfriend, though he was back in Seattle, from whence she came. I think she'd been shopping (she was always flirty with me), and he took her up on the opportunity. Apparently, it's gotten semi-serious, as she was seen drinking from his beer last night as if it were her own. And the cutie who sits in front of me supposedly broke it off with her boy-toy, while Em and hers are going hot and heavy. She's even bringing him to the "prom" (a/k/a Barrister's Ball) next week. Speaking of which, I rented a tux for the occasion last night. According to the rental guy, "if you're single and not involved, that's the place to be." So this should be interesting. What's really funny is how our class has divided on the issue - some all for the fun of playing dress-up, others deriding it as "prom". Methinks some people need to adjust their outlook, but I'm not saying which ones. I'll leave that to you. I'm done being the LLS gossip columnist. For now.

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