Monday, September 15, 2003

Miscellaneous things on my mind:


Why is it, when you’re trying to study, the DJ plays good songs? So far this morning, WXRT’s Terri Hemmert has played Coldplay’s God Put A Smile on Your Face, A3’s Woke Up This Morning, and Steve Miller’s Swingtown. If I hear Rev It Up or Good Day For the Blues, I’m gonna scream.

This never happens when I’m driving on the road, dying to hear a good song. I’m stuck listening to crap like 1980’s/90’s Eric Clapton (sorry, but he hasn’t done any good music in about 20 years), Van Morrison (can’t stand him), the Beatles (a few good songs, but not my favorite band), or Led Zepplin (a little goes a long way. A very long way).

TV ads:

I saw an ad for the American Mint on Friday. Seems they are taking the quarters issued by the government, painting them colors, and selling them as ‘limited editions.’ Their ad was pretty funny. To wit:

“Each quarter is minted in limited quantity, and sells out quickly…”


“1999 quarters were produced in very limited quantity and are very rare…”


“Each quarter is produced for a limited time, and never again…”

Sells out quickly, eh? Very rare, eh? Produced for a limited time and never again? So explain this: if all this is true, how is it that you’re offering a “limited edition” (there’s that phrase again) three-year set? Did you not sell all the 1999 and 2000 quarters? That would make phrase I a lie. Actually, it would make phrase II a lie, too, since they can’t be that rare – otherwise, you wouldn’t be able to sell the limited edition set. Instead, you’d be selling them on their own for whatever you could get. Kind of like Cub tickets. Or White Sox tickets. Especially for any playoff series past the first.

Of course, the funny part is that you advertise that whomever buys this will have “all the latest” quarters, even though you’re only offering quarters issued between 1999 and 2001, despite the fact that eight more quarters have been issued since 2001.

Must take a while to cull all those quarters from your loose change, I guess. But hey, for only three easy payments of $19.99, they can be yours. By the way, true collectors hold painted coins in contempt, and don’t give them any extra value. So those quarters you’re doling out big cash for? They’re worth, oh, $3.75 on the collector market. Enjoy.


What is with people ditching their blogs? I have about ten or so that I regularly try to read, and in recent months, several people have given up on writing. First was Caryn, a/k/a G.I. Jane. Then Mike bailed. I was bummed out, but not as much as when Angie bailed on hers. I felt like I lost a friend (I know you read this, Ang. I wanted to know that I hope you don’t stop. And send an email occasionally, ok?). Now edie singleton is considering giving up her blog. C’mon guys, don’t leave me standing out here all by myself… least Moxie, Leah, Marty, Maizzy, Joanie, Scott, Annika and Jeremy are all still around. I'd better drop in on Fish and Petit Hiboux. It's been awhile, and who knows?

Kelly over at crimeny wants me to install an RSS feed. Kelly, darling, I’d love to do just that, but…..I don’t have the first clue how. I’m good at typing. Beyond that….uh, well…..I have about as much luck as I do dating, which is to say none.
If you can help, I can definitely meet demand number 2. And while you're at it, if you can install a paypal link, so I can shamelessly beg for cash, I'd appreciate it. And I'm sure any future dates would also appreciate it, provided I get any.

Other things:

Men’s Health this month has an article on why straight guys need gay friends. I have several gay friends (and a gay cousin), but they’re not doing what this article says they should be. I need to sit down with them and discuss this article, tell them they need to ratchet up their work ethic, otherwise I’ll have to put them on some kind of ‘friend probation.’ I mean, c’mon, all guys know cute girls dig gay guys – so why am I dateless? Hmm??? I’m sensing underachieving performance here. So what if my gay friends are telling me my wardrobe needs updating. That’s what girlfriends are for, damn it! Right? So get cracking, guys!

Ok, maybe I’m not totally serious about the friend probation thing.

Oh, and finally….

Thirteen more days. Ugh.

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