Tuesday, September 16, 2003

There oughta be a law....

Ok, they did it. Again.


It. S-X.


The couple across the way from me. Again. Second time in a week. This time, he was on top. Last time, she was.


No, I am not a pervert.

So how do you know then? Hmm?

Because they were doing it with the lights on, the blinds open, and......right in front of the window. It's damn unfair. Looking out the window, seeing them going at it like rabbits. It's getting so I can't walk out on my balcony. And what's worse is......dammit, I don't get to do that, why should they!!

Stop whining!!

You're right. I should sell tickets for this. If only I could get them on a regular schedule. What I thought was funny was this: last time, a woman walked her dog right under their window! Wonder if she heard them. Wonder what she thought....

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