Wednesday, February 26, 2003

I should have known today was going to be a bad day when I woke up. First, I slept later than I wanted to. Worse, I had enough hot water in the shower this morning to get wet – and no more. I think I managed to shower in about 4 minutes flat.

Despite a fitful night of sleep, I arrived at work in a coherent state of mind, and a fairly decent mood, as opposed to the usual fog and crappy mood. Again, outside the norm, and a red flag.

Today was bonus day. Since no one had discussed my rating with me, I braced myself for the worst. Around Thanksgiving, I’d been dragged into the middle boss’ office and told all my sins for the year. Of course, it was couched in the ‘but you’re improving’ language to soften the blow, but there it was. Never mind that the person training me hadn’t done a complete job. Or that I was often left out of the loop about due dates, etc (usually finding out less than a day before with the comment “oh, we didn’t tell you? I thought so-and-so told you. Sorry.”) Not to mention that no one ever complained that they weren’t happy to me. No, no. I find out at the end of the year that my mistake my second week in this position was going to penalize me come bonus/increase time.

So it was with trepidation that I reluctantly followed my boss into an office to hear the news. Of course, he thought I should have gotten more, but, darnit, the powers that be didn’t want to hear of it. Of course, one of those powers that be doesn’t even know what I do (and has admitted as much openly), but he didn’t think I did it well enough. So, I get shafted.

So much for a good mood.

Now, I know about 20 people a day read this, but nobody ever comments. So if you’re tempted, don’t hesitate, because I could use some cheering up right now…………

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