Saturday, March 01, 2003

Creating Havoc.....and showing some gratitude

Seems I happen to share a popular name. Or at least I'm the Johnny-come-lately of gregs. Like a lot of other people, I surf other blogs (and seem to always find my blog wanting compared to some of them out there, like this one or this one or this one or even this one.)

So, one day, I happened to surf over to le petit hiboux, which I immediately found interesting. And me being me, I noticed that her "crush" for February was none other than a guy named greg. Not me, of course, but this greg. Having the twisted sense of humor that I do, I decided to have some fun, and create confusion, which I did fairly well. And darnitall if the lovely krissa didn't chastise me for it. So I will go by another name on her site (and a few others who link to her) and profusely apologize for the confusion. And say that I'm honored to be mentioned in another's blog - my visits have shot up as a result. Not that anyone's been inclined to comment, but at least they stop by......

Speaking of mentions, my post on Mr. Rogers got noticed elsewhere and linked to the University of Pittsburgh's School of Law website, which just impressed the hell out of me. A hale and hearty thanks for that......I do appreciate links here (and I try to reciprocate, if I'm aware), which leads me to further thank Sue Sponte for her link here (although, m'lady, I am not a pre-1L, as you have my link labeled, but a full-fledged 1L. An overworked, stressed-out 1L.). Welcome to one and all. Feel free to leave an opinion/comment. I do appreciate different viewpoints.

Ok, back to tax returns. Or should I write my paper? Decisions, decisions.....

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