Friday, January 31, 2003

Busy weekend coming up. I managed to get it off to a good start by going for a run after work. But I just feel like I stare at this screen, and get nowhere some days. And today is one of them.

Temple commented that I don't live up to the name of this blog. Well, truth be told, there was a bit of sarcasm inherent in that when I started this. On the other hand (they teach you to do this in law school), I actually do like school. I enjoy contracts, and I really enjoy Civil Procedure.

Contracts harkens me back to when I was studying for the CPA exam, and Professor Wright's tales of Herb and Harriett Huskie and Ike Illini. If you ever had Harry Wright, you'd know what I'm talking about. If not, well, one day I go into more detail. Suffice for now that Ike was the "ideal" law student (he took his name from Wright's alma mater, University of Illinois, a small school somewhere south of Chicago). Herb, however, couldn't do anything right. Herb, of course, got his name from the NIU mascot. Professor Wright spent many a class highlighting Herb's misadventures, and extolling Ike's virtues. It was entertaining, but like the hero who's just too good, you want something bad to happen to him. So, I took the initiative. Once, during the CPA review, I made up a phony headline announcing that Ike was arrested in a sex scandal. Professor Wright got a good laugh out of it, and I've been told that he had it framed in his office at one point. Don't know if it's true, but if it is, I feel pretty honored....

My Civ Pro Professor is a lot like Professor Wright. Entertaining, energetic (he flits about the room like he's OD'd on caffeine) and knowledgeable, he makes class interesting. For the entire first semester, he had the undivided attention of every student. We sat in awe at his knowledge, but he didn't lord it over us. In no way is he a Socratic method teacher, but that's just fine. We like him as he is.

Which brings to mind tonight's I talked on the phone with my parents (it's their anniversary today), I had Legally Blonde on the tube. It made me think - even though there are kernals of truth in Legally Blonde - I love the scene where she asks the manicurist's ex if he knows what subject matter jurisdiction is - I think overall, The Paper Chase is still the hallmark for law school movies. Then again, I can only think of the two of them. Are there more?

I'll try to emphasise the positive a bit more. I think Temple's right - I've been a bit whiny lately. C'est la vie.

AND NOW......

Applications are now being accepted for the position of "date" for the CBA's annual "Barrister's Ball". Ok, I could go stag, but I'd rather have a dance partner.......LMAO. Of course, it is in Chicago, so if you're from out of town, please include how you propose to get here, and where you expect to stay.....

As always, comments are more than welcome. I don't always answer in the comments section, but I do notice......and sometimes, as you can tell, spend a whole evening addressing them.

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