Sunday, January 26, 2003

Taa daa! I'm back! Not that I went anywhere; I was just lazy.


Who cares? Ok, maybe my Uncle Terry; he lives in Tampa. So does his mother, my aunt Inez. And my onetime friend, Andrew, whom I called one Christmas after I moved out of the house I shared with my friend Jeff (who asked me to leave because his girlfriend thought I was gay; I'm not, but she based her assumption on the fact that I wasn't dating anyone at the time, and I was living with a guy, therefore....oh, never mind). Anyway, I called Andrew, whose older brother once lived on my dorm floor, to wish him a Merry Christmas. His mother, who was visiting, answered, and said he'd call back. I'm still waiting.

Other than that, I don't know anyone around here who cares. Ok, maybe some people in New Lenox, where Mike Alstott once played football (and who donated the New Lenox Mustangs' scoreboard). And some people in Chicago, who grew up with Simeon Rice. But not me. I'm waiting for ESPN's Page2 article on how Keyshawn (or Me-shawn, as they call him) Johnson takes credit for the Bucs' success. Yeah, sure. What was it, two or three catches? Talk about overrated.

Ok, enough sports. Otherwise, I'll have to start writing for SI.....


Who doesn't have one? I always do. This weekend's plan was pretty straightforward: read Contracts on Friday, Civ Pro on Saturday, and spend a good chunk of Sunday writing my Legal Writing Research Memo, breaking off around 5 to head out somewhere for the Super Bowl.

Of course, as Robert Burns once said, the best laid plans of mice and men go oft awry. And, true to form, that's how my weekend went. Friday was spent doing.....well, I don't know what the hell I did. I didn't go run, as planned, after work. I came home, did laundry, watched TV....and went to bed. T

Saturday, I realized I hadn't sent Kevin that check yet, or picked up my planner at Franklin Covey. So those chores shot the morning. To top the morning off, I took the antibiotic (feeling better, by the way) WITHOUT food. BIG mistake. While standing at the counter in Franklin Covey, I suddenly became nauseous. Predictably, I was about 8 miles from home at the time, and the only way back was either via light-and-traffic intensive Route 59, or the back roads, which, while quicker, were slower. I chose the Aurora-to-River-to-Jefferson-to-Mill-to-Warrenville route, and got home in about 20 agonizing minutes. I quickly made 2 eggs and gulped them down. I felt much better shortly thereafter. By the time I ran errands, and ate breakfast, it was 1 o'clock, and I had to leave at 3 to be at my sister's in time to go to my nephew's footbal banquet (like Mike Alstott, he played running back for the NL Mustangs). I managed, somehow, to fit in some Contracts.

This morning was church, followed by a quick trip to the store to pick up more firewood, and some groceries. So actual studying didn't start in earnest until around 12:30. But at least I was dedicated. I am now ahead in Civ Pro, and pretty much ahead in Contracts reading. I got through the Statement of Facts on the memo, until I quit to research EuroRail fares for my European trip this summer. So of a two-and-a-half day weekend, I had one truly productive day. Not good. Another reason why I am seriously considering changing from part time to full time.


I'll take a moment to publicly thank everyone who's posted here in the last week; Shell, Lee, Robyn, Jan, Beth, Wendy, Cherie, Becca and Leo.

A special thanks to Erin; I don't know you, but thanks for your comment. Come back and visit often. Liked your site, too....

To everyone else, comments are always welcome; you can post them here, or email me at

Happy Sunday!!! Promise for tomorrow? I'll get up in the morning and go for that run......

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