Wednesday, January 29, 2003


Did you ever find yourself with time on your hands, and things to do with it, but no desire? I'm there right now. I should be writing my research paper. Operative word there is should. Not that I am. I am just having a hard time getting motivated. Actually, my excuse is that I'm waiting for Emily to come over and talk to me about the complaint we're supposed to write for Civil Procedure. She told me she'd read the background material quickly and come over. That was an hour ago. In twenty minutes, I have to go to Research class.

Here's what I don't understand. By some stupid rule, West and Lexis cannot talk to 1L's until second semester. Apparently, we're supposed to learn how to research the old way first, then the modern way. But let's be realistic here; you gave us account numbers and passwords, you don't think we'll use them? Especially when someone hides the AmJur's and such? Give me a break. If I didn't use Lexis last semester (or West, for that matter) I would have been screwed. Now I get to sit through two hour-long presentations the next two Wednesdays on how to use what I've already used. Doesn't make sense.


The nice thing about an offsite "all hands" meeting is that it screws up the afternoon in a good way; by the time the meeting ended at 3:15, no one, bosses included wanted to go back to work. After all, the drive on I-88 would have eaten up at least half an hour (to go six miles, ugh), and most people wouldn't have been motivated to do much, anyway. For that benefit, I sat through a two-hour meeting, the purpose of which I am still unclear of. But at least I got to have lunch with M&D, and, since the meeting center was on the way to school, it cut my drive down by a good half hour. I got here so early, in fact, I had to park in front of the parking garage, because the discounted rate doesn't start until 4. Hey, you'd do it too to pay $8 instead of $21.

The only suck-ass part of the afternoon was my going to the wrong building and wandering around for 10 minutes before I got up the nerve to look like an idiot, and ask reception where I should be. They didn't know either. So I went next door, and fortunately, the guard saw me walk in, and knew right where to send me. Not too embarrassed, I was able to sneak in back unnoticed and find a seat.


So how else can I keep this from being boring? Well, I guess I could complain some more about Bush's speech last night. But Slate does it so much better.

I could comment on whether or not Shania lip-synched. They say no, I say it sure looked that way. But then, how many people were actually paying attention to her lips? It is interesting to find out how musicians manage to focus, though.

Well more later. In the interim, you can always check out a lovely lady from LA....

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